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About The Rebirth Portal :


The transformation that arises as the ego dissolves and a natural way of being and living emerges. Beingness is like the canvas for a painting. The initial unconscious ego is the picture smeared over that canvas. As that paint drips off the canvas, a new picture creates itself. Spiritual rebirth awakens energy and flow and that leads to freedom.



This print is based on the original canvas painting with an additional layer of digital artwork and hand painted details. 


Giclee Print on Canvas $333 (Shipping Included)

Size: 26in by 18in, 65cm x 45cm 


Giclee Print on Velvet Paper $222(Shipping Included)

Size: 26in by 18in, 65cm x 45cm


The price Includes shipping worldwide. 

Buy two prints and get a third one FREE


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Adriana Jaguar: Whatsapp +506 8584 3400





Rebirth Print

1 Pound
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