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A portal to Integrity


When you gain the wisdom clarity can bring, you can walk in your full integrity giving power to your wise inner-knowing and your winged spirit offering a higher perspective. Knowing you are clear and your intentions are pure, means you can hold more space for truth, real connections and meaningful relationships. Just like the snakes that ground us with balanced energy unlocking any shadow to be released. Having integrity means you are living in your wholeness and your fullest, the outcome is always your highest timeline. Everything you create will be your best.



Acrylic painting on canvas. Stretch and mounted.  






-  Cash purchase receive a 5% off.

- Paypal purchase send to

- Bank Wire to CR account (contact Adriana for details)


Add a donation to your purchase and will be sent to Wise Girls Org 

Help one girl to join the Wise Girls Program 

Learn more: Wise Girls Education & Empowerment 


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