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To the west we go... inside. Recognizing the roots. She guides us through the process of experiencing our physical vessel is in communion with nature. She reminds us the power of our ancestors and our ability to communicate with all living beings on earth. 


This piece is 1 of 4 paintings created as the 4 Elements. 

Acrylic painting on canvas 128cm x  80cm (50in x 32in)


About the process Adriana Jaguar and Cali Rivera:

We started painting the the base an abtract of colors, we went wild with the gold, sparkles and mettalic inks and the result is outstanding.

Then we added the forms, our interpretations merged in one piece that unifies perspectives.


Colaboration Adriana Jaguar with Cali Rivera



This canvas painting is stretched and mounted on wood located at  Yoga Bohemia




All original paintings and prints will be properly packed and shipped to the owners upon request.


For any other questions contact:


Whatsapp +506 8584 3400


Instagram: @adrianajaguar


$1,200.00 Regular Price
$600.00Sale Price
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