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The Clarity Portal 


Gaining clarity is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Having clarity means having space to be able to discover. It means having energy. It means that your cup has space for more tea. If your mind is busy fighting, holding on to or avoiding old problems and attachments to fear, then it has no space for something new. Without clarity, there are more chances that you might be misunderstood so having clarity in communication eliminates all possibilities of confusion and miscommunication.  


Acrylic painting on canvas. Stretch and mounted.  




-  Cash purchase receive a 5% off.

- Paypal purchase send to

- Bank Wire to CR account (contact Adriana for details)


Add a donation to your purchase and will be sent to Wise Girls Org 

Help one girl to join the Wise Girls Program 

Learn more: Wise Girls Education & Empowerment 



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